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Plantronics out Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset


Bluetooth headsets – either you love them or loathe them. I feel indifferent about the matter though, but have always hankered to own one despite rarely finding myself in a situation where I have the need for it. Plantronics is an old hand where Bluetooth headsets are concerned, and their latest release would be the Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth earpiece. This model will take over where the Discovery 925 left off. Not to say that the Discovery 925 is a douchebag, as the 975’s predecessor did boast superior audio quality and an innovative lightweight design that is evident in the genes of the latest Discovery 975. Users of this new headset can look forward to an improved audio experience that boasts advanced AudioIQ2 and WindSmart technologies which are capable of delivering natural sounding voice in harsh noise environments.

The Plantronics Discovery 975 will come with the aforementioned AudioIQ2 technology, which is a formal name for the next generation of Plantronics’ AudioIQ digital signal processing (DSP) technology. This new technology will see the use of a couple of microphones when it comes to capturing the user’s voice precisely, while canceling most background noise automatically at the same time. Users can continue with their conversations without worrying about pressing a specific button or having some sort of sensor in touch with one’s face just to get the noise-canceling capability up and running. As long as there is a conversation going on, AudioIQ2 will work automatically.

Each purchase of the Discovery 975 comes with an improved rechargeable carrying case which is touted to not only double, but triple the talk time from 5 hours to up to 15 hours. It does so in style, offering adequate protection when storing the earpiece within. The case itself features an LCD display that shows off the remaining battery and earpiece charge levels so that you can pace your conversations the next time round. Apart from that, you will also get a glance at Bluetooth connectivity strength. Tipping the scales at a mere 8 grams, the Plantronics Discovery 975 is starting to look like a real winner where Bluetooth headsets are concerned, retailing for $129.99 a pop.

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  1. I had one problem with the Plantronics Discovery 975.
    I couldn’t get it to stay in my ear comfortably. Any solution to this ?

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