PlanOn SlimScan portable color scanner

Computer peripherals range from the ordinary, boring, to extremely interesting. The question is this – just how the heck do you make an everyday peripheral like a scanner interesting? The answer would be to miniaturize it – after all, just about everyone loves a mini version of something that is out there, and I am quite sure that a scanner is no different. PlanOn ha just introduced their SlimScan, touting it to be the world’s first credit card-sized receipt scanner. Since it is so tiny, it ought to be able to fit right there and then into your wallet, making short work of all the receipts that you will accumulate.
Of course, a black and white scanner should be adequate for most folks, but PlanOn decided to take it one step further with their SlimScan, where it will be able to do receipts in full color as well. It does not matter whether you want to capture receipts, business cards, handwritten notes, small photos, articles and other printed materials, it can be done with the SlimScan anywhere, any time.

Coming in a classy and durable stainless steel case, the SlimScan will feature a convenient preview screen which allows you to instantly view, zoom-in and pan scanned images wherever you are. I guess placing this in my wallet and stuffing it down the back pocket of my tight jeans is not going to be the best way to treat the SlimScan. All captured images can be uploaded to a Windows computer quickly after being plugged in.
I myself and having trouble trying to keep track of my expenses by writing down where every single cent has gone to, and a receipt scanner sure as heck sounds like it would be able to get the job done in an easy and convenient manner. You are able to create folders to organize receipts by business trip, client, travel date, location, week, or month, while reports can be churned out in an easier than ever before manner. A Receipt Management System (RMS) software is also thrown into the mix, where one is able to import business cards into Outlook, Word, Excel, and other databases.
You will need to fork out $139.99 for the PlanOn SlimScan though.
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