Able Planet True Fidelity SI350 Sound Isolation Sport Earphones

I always like to see what Able Planet, makers of some great headphones, are up to. One of the latest is the True Fidelity Sound Isolation Sport Earphones (model number SI350).
These In Ear/Hook headphones are pretty light, but they have pretty good sound. In fact, I am using them now to listen to a DVD, and I am pretty pleased. It is all part of the LINX AUDIO technology that the company has a patent on which enables both great bass and speech.
In addition to the great sound, the SI350 has an inline microphone that allows the user to make some phone calls and take voice notes on MP3 players and compatible smartphones.
The control of this microphone is done by a single button. Clicking the center button will pause and play tunes, and then there are all sorts of tricks the user can do for tracks. For example, double click goes to the next track, triple click goes to the previous track. Double-click and hold the button fasts-forwards within a track, and triple-click and holding the button will rewind.
I can’t find the SI350 on the Able Planet site, but I am sure it will show up soon. I did find it on the Google product search for about $70 online.