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Let's Pizza Vending machine – Fresh? Pizza Pronto

We’ve covered the Pizza Vending machine here at Coolest-Gadgets before, and I thinks its safe to say that we agreed, if the pizza was any good at all, it could be a hit. Well, I guess people liked the concept, (and the pizza too) as the Let’s Pizza vending machines are about to take on the USA!
Expecting an obviously frozen pie, I was shocked to learn that Let’s Pizza acually vends an authentic Italian pie from SCRATCH in all of about two and a half minutes, complete with the necessary pizza cutter and napkins. The Machines, created by Italian Claudio Torghel, were first made  in Europe around 3 three years ago and they have been working their way West, ever since.
For under 6 bucks, the vending machine spits out (probably could have come up with better terminology there) a 10.5 inch steaming hot pizza pie with a choice of plain, pepperoni, ham or bacon, with or without tomato.  The dough is actually made fresh from flour and water, and each pizza is assembled per order.  Special infrared ovens allow for quick, crisp pizza faster than you can say Mama Mia!
These futuristic vending machines can actually hold enough ingredients to make around 200 pies and they are even Internet connected, in order to let operators control their inventory and although each pizza will set you back almost 700 calories, I can say I’m already getting some change together.
For more info, or to actually see the machines making some mouth watering pizza, please visit Hey, does anybody make an automated wine dispenser to go with this? Has anyone already tried vending machine pizza? Buon Appetito!

2 thoughts on “Let's Pizza Vending machine – Fresh? Pizza Pronto”

  1. I’m interested with your pizza making machine. And
    would like to bring it here for a tryout. Can you
    email me the price of the machine and the ingredients? or can just provide the dough, etc.

  2. Hellow Andrew
    We are SOLCO , and we would like to commercialize the lets pizza vending machine in Colombia, and know all things about it, how does it work, how much is it, how is the method of payment… etc
    I hope you prompt response.

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