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The Pixelstick will help you paint photos with light


There are so many ways to manipulate a photo that any time you look at one, you have to wonder if it has been retouched. If you’ve delved into the world of photography, you quite likely know what light painting is. You get into a dark space, find some cool lights, leave the shutter open for a while and dance around with your light source. The end result can look pretty amazing if you practice enough.

Of course, the real question is what type of light to use. You can use something fiber optic, glow sticks, flashlights, lamps, laser pointers, and pretty much anything else that is going to put out some illumination. If you have big ideas and need something that can adapt to your imagination, the Pixelstick is looking like the best and brightest. This will let you light paint any design you want, whether it be words or another photo, across a long exposure.

You only need to load the image you want onto an SD card and put it into the mounted controller. From there you can adjust the brightness, orientation, and speed settings if you’d like. This houses 200 full color LEDs inside of an aluminum stick. The finished product looks like the work of digital art on top of a photo, and will surely boggle the minds of the viewers. This will cost you $349, and will be the best way to combine digital art and photography to make something magical.

Available for purchase on Photojojo