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Pix and Stix lets you widdle and wallop your iPad

Just how do you view your iPad? Is it more indispensable compared to your smartphone? For folks who spend plenty of time with their precious Apple tablet and have a musical inclination towards percussion instruments, then the £24.99 Pix and Stix might be your cup of tea, as you are able to wallop it with the Pix and Stix. Specially designed for iPad owners who want to rock out on GarageBand at home, the Pix and Stix will be made out of a pair of soft electro-conductive rubber drumsticks as well as an accompanying pick, letting you churn out beats unabashedly on your tablet without causing any damage. Your fingertips, too, will be able to take some time off from drumming the table in this way. Not only that, it would make you look less silly (although other parties might beg to differ, as it might be seen as even sillier to bang some drumsticks on your iPad for those who are not in the know). You can choose from black, blue and yellow colors, depending on whatever floats your boat. ]]>