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Pivoting Microdermabrasion Brush makes your facial routine a whole lot easier

pivoting-brushIn what Hammacher has described as “the only” Pivoting Microdermabrasion Brush, one would start to wonder as to the extent of how unique this particular device is. After all, “The Only” is definitely going to be pretty difficult to live up to, don’t you think so? Well, it would be great to check out just what the $79.95 Pivoting Microdermabrasion Brush is able to do before we arrive at any conclusion. For starters, the Pivoting Microdermabrasion Brush will be able to pivot itself to accommodate hard-to-reach facial contours, as the device’s head flexes and pivots 360° to make sure that the brush remains in contact with the skin so that your chin, forehead, and other contours of the face will experience even exfoliation.

Apart from that, the oscillating brush head and microfiber bristles will also do its job to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation, paving the way for collagen and elastin cell production so that you end up with softer and younger-looking skin. I am quite sure that nobody is going to deny you that kind of glorious look, right? It also claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and enlarged pores, all the while helping skin absorb moisturizers and other skin care products. This is a cordless device and is water-resistant, where it boasts of two rotating speeds and its rechargeable battery will be able to deliver up to 35 minutes of power after a whopping six-hour charge (!).