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Pioneer’s Rayz is the first smart lighting earphones

rayzAre all earphones created equal? Not really, as Pioneer’s Rayz happens to lay claim to being the very first smart lighting earphones that will boast of talk as well as charge functions for the iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch. The Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones is a whole new collection of “appcessories”, which is a whole new take on the word “accessories”. Bringing the intelligence of an iOS app alongside innovative Lightning accessories, these are able to deliver whole new experiences which was not possible via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

 The whole point of the Rayz and Rayz Plus is to make use of Apple’s Lightning audio technology so that it can not only simply, but also to smartly solve the top challenges which today’s mobile consumers experience every single day. The Rayz earphones are able to maximize all of the benefits which are offered by the Lightning Connector, where they are powered by iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This means there is no more need to have these earphones pack an additional battery.

Not only that, the Rayz Plus model will also be the first and only Lightning headset that sports a sleek in-line charging node which can simultaneously charge the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as long as the earphones remain connected and in use.

These earphones take advantage of Avnera’s breakthrough LightX platform which will allow the earphones to operate in modes that make use of the lowest amount of power possible from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Each of these models will carry half a dozen microphones that allow Smart Noise Cancellation, exceptional noise cancellation capability thanks to a HearThruä mode, and embedded microphones which can implement sensor-less on-ear detection.

The Rayz earphones will arrive in Onyx and Ice and Rayz Plus, as they are available in Graphite and Bronze metallic finishes for $149.95 and $99.95 for the Rayz Plus and Rayz, respectively.

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