Pinnacle Soundbridge

Pinnacle Soundbridge

The Pinnacle Soundbridge is an all around sound system that can be placed and used anywhere on your home, with the help of a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection it can work in coordination with a PC/Mac/stereo system/powered speakers to play the desired digital music wirelessly.

What situations is the pinnacle soundbrige good for? Here is one example: you have some cool songs in your computer but want to use the stereo system placed on your living room to listen to music, what to do? Just use pinnacle and the problem is solved.

Other features of the Pinnacle include being compatible with iTunes + Windows Media Connect, this means that it can work with either Macs or PCs and there is no installation needed. It can also play internet radio while your computer is off, but in order for this to work you must use a router and not a hub, or else the Pinnacle is unable to connect to the internet and play the radio station you like the most.

If you want to work with iTunes and Pinnacle at the same time, instead of going to the computer you can just use the LED display placed on the front of the SoundBridge and pick the playlists or specific songs.

On the more technical side there is support for MP3s, WMA and the other normal formats. Besides the usual stuff it can handle different music services like Napster and all the clones.

The Pinnacle Soundbridge is a new product at Firebox and costs £150 which is close to $280.