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The Pikachu Hajimete Chopsticks Game – don’t be a gaijin

Pikachu Bean Game.

In some countries, chopsticks are more commonly used utensils for eating than a fork, knife, and spoon. Of course, people don’t just know how to do that out of the womb as it’s pretty difficult to learn. For little kids in those countries, there’s a game of learning to pick up plastic beans with chopsticks that is played at kindergarten age. If you’re traveling to Japan, China, or any other country where chopsticks are commonly used, it might be worth trying to get this game for yourself to lessen your appearance as a nit-wit tourist.

Since we’re all training to be Pokemon masters thanks to Pokemon Go, this Pikachu Hajimete Manner Beans Chopsticks Game would be the perfect way to acquire a new skill. The game is played in many different ways, basically just forcing you to work on your chopstick skills. Since there are four different shapes and three patterns per shape, you can choose a certain pattern and shape or various combinations to pick out, which will make you focus deeply on what you’re doing.

The bowl is shaped like a pokeball, and the whole set is made of ABS plastic, making sure you can’t destroy the beans if your skills suck. It’s also going to be a cute decoration for those of us who just love that tiny yellow mouse. This is going to cost $41 since it is brand name, but it can teach you and your friends how to use chopsticks without having to go through several embarrassing outings at restaurants or traipsing through another country being an obvious foreigner.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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