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Pikachu brings his yellow to DS Lite


Pokémon has been a tour de force in the world of video games since its inception, and has sold millions of copies worldwide in addition to moving tons of hardware in the process. To commemorate the latest Pokémon Center that will be opened in Tokyo on July 20th, Nintendo will be offering a number of Pikachu-branded yellow DS Lites to lucky people there. Of course, picking one up isn’t as easy as just walking inside and dropping a few coins. You will first need to submit your application (deadline is July 1st), where you will be notified by postcard later the same month on whether you are eligible or not.

The Pikachu Yellow DS Lite will definite be a hot item on eBay no doubt, and if you live outside of Japan, be prepared to pay a king’s ransom if you want your import shop to bring one in. While it is good to see that Nintendo won’t be marking up the price of this special edition DS Lite significantly (it comes with a sticker price of $138), the same can’t be said for their owners who want to make a quick buck.

Source: Game Addicts

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