Picotux 100 Desktop Computer

Just when you think your Asus Eee Box is one of the smaller computers hanging around, along comes the Picotux 100 desktop computer to blow your mind away. Sure, it won’t be able to perform fantastic feats such as high-end gaming or heavy number crunching, but it does boast enough firepower to type adocument and possibly surf micro-sites on the Internet. Some of the specifications are as follows :-

  • 32-bit ARM 7 Netsilicon NS7520 processor (55MHz)
  • 2MB flash storage
  • 8 MB SDRAM
  • uClinux 2.4.27 Big Endian (native) operating system

This little computer measures a mere 35mm x 19mm x 19mm, good luck finding a case to go with it. I’d say a matchbox would do just fine.

Source: PC Launches