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PicoPro is a portable projector that gives you a big screen viewing experience


Whenever you’ve got a hilarious or amazing video you want to share with a group of friends, it’s hard for everyone to see what’s happening on a tiny smartphone screen. The same is true when it’s just a few people who want to watch a movie on a tablet together. Going to a theater is expensive as all get out on a regular basis, and you can’t control what’s playing or when.

 The PicoPro is a projector that is ultra portable, being only half an inch thick. It will always focus on its own, so you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting anything. The resolution is 1920x720p at a 16:9 wide screen, and doesn’t have to be far away to give you a large viewing area. As it is fan-free, it runs rather quietly when in use, and can go for 2 or more hours on the internal battery, or 3+ hours when connected.

While it’s best to connect this to your device via HDMI, there are wireless solutions as well. This is perfect for those that love sharing ideas or videos at a moment’s notice, but you should know that this comes at a rather hefty price. This will cost you $349.99, which is no small chunk of change for a teeny projector. You’ll be able to choose a black, white, gray, or gold casing for aesthetic purposes.  If it lives up to the hype, this would be a fun gizmo to keep around for creative types and movie lovers.

Available for purchase on celluon