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Picnic Plus Cooladio Solar Cooler with built-in speakers

If you’re headed out for a picnic, you don’t have to go for the usual wicker basket.  Instead, you can let your tech loving side show through with this Picnic Plus Cooladio Solar Cooler.   It will be far more convenient than just packing all of your food in your average picnic basket.  After all this one even helps you out by giving your smaller gadgets an extra charge should they run low on battery life.

Inside you can keep your food and drinks nice and cool, just like you would with your average cooler.  Then you can hook up your cellphone or MP3 player to the solar panel and get it all charged up.  Then in addition to that it has 2 speakers that will play all of your music.  If playing your music out loud doesn’t suit you, there’s a headphone jack so that you can listen to your music through.  Although that seems a little silly since you could easily unhook your MP3 player from the cooler and plug headphones directly into it.  You can purchase the cooler for $84.99 from Sports Authority.

Source: ChipChick

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