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The Pick-Up Pool will help you cool off in the scorching heat

Pick-up Pool

When it’s so hot outside you can cook an egg on the sidewalk, you’re going to look for any method of cooling down. Ice water by the gallons to cool down your core, air conditioning on full blast, and if you have one around, lounging in a pool trying to move as little as possible as to not work up a sweat. While it is the best way to beat the heat, not many of us can afford to have a pool installed in our backyards.

If you don’t want to buy a kiddie pool, but don’t want to get a full-on pool, then you can always spring for a Pick-Up Pool. This is a liner for a truck bed that will allow you to fill the back of your truck with water so you can splash around. Obviously you’re not going to be able to swim laps, but you can at least cool off a bit if the heat is starting to get to you. The easiest way to fill this pool will be with the garden hose, and you’ll want to empty out your human soup after a day of use.

This liner is made of 30 mil vinyl that is used in conventional pools. This is seen as a redneck swimming pool, and is far better than the “abrasive ropes and bungee cords that scratch your paint”. This means that people actually line their trucks with a plastic tarp and use it as a pool. I have a feeling this is more aimed at children, but adults are certiainly welcome to give this a go. Just keep in mind that this $189-199 purchase might mess up the suspension on your truck as water weighs a hefty amount.

Available for purchase on pickuppool, found via redferret

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  1. This is clever, but how do you empty the water when you’re done cooling off? Do you have to use a syphoning device or pump?

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