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Pi-chan Talking Bird does a pretty decent human imitation

pi-chan-talking-birdToys – these happen to be the coolest thing that you can give a child, although I am quite sure that this current generation of children would be more than happy to pick up a tablet or a smartphone, too. It looks like a regular paper with some pen and pencils are not going to cut the mustard anymore in keeping the young ones occupied, but this does not mean that one ought to simply give up, right? Perhaps there is hope yet for some of the more traditional toys, but one thing is for sure – the $23 Pi-chan Talking Bird is a surefire way to attract attention.

Toys that talk are not too common, and the Pi-chan Talking Bird, as its name suggests, is a robotic pet that is capable of imitating the human voice. This unique robotic bird pet by Sega Toys will delight both young and old kids, where it will chirp and sing for you every time you stroke his back. If you were to change the way in which you stroke Pi-chan, then the song sung will change, too. Best of all is, you can try to evoke all two dozen chirps and fives songs from it, not to mention have it imitate your voice whenever you talk to him. Best of all is, no sunflower seeds are required to keep Pi-chan going, just a pair of AAA batteries will do.

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