PhytlSigns lets you tune in to ‘plant-talk’

phytlsignsWe humans are a communicative species – we simply cannot make do without keeping in touch with one another, be it through conversation or even sign language. How about nature, then? Surely there are many examples of how the animal kingdom chatters with one another, but in the realm of plants? There might not be any kind of Poison Ivy-like powers amongst us humans that lets us “talk” to plants, but how about a new kind of technology that claims to let us eavesdrop on what these leaves-endowed friends of ours chit chat about? Thanks to PhytlSigns, this is an innovative and unique piece of wearable technology for plants, where it happens to be a plant monitor unlike any other as it specifically listens in to what the plant itself is communicating as opposed to mundane tasks such as keeping track of the surrounding air temperature or the soil around it.

PhytlSigns was recently trialled, and it is available via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. You can always “invest” in a super early bird pledge of US$135 so that you will end up with first mover advantage (and of course, bragging rights) when it comes to making use of the PhytlSigns in order to digitally connect with your plants. How does PhytlSigns work? The answer is simple – through the amplifying of the electrical signals that plants use to communicate internally, so that we humans, for the very first time, can hear them. Yes, literally hear them thanks to a speaker that is attached to the device, and through their language of electrical signals, you can figure out how they are reacting to their environment.

Nigel Wallbridge, Tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Vivent Sárl, which is the company behind PhytlSigns, said, “By analysing the signals our plants are emitting we can start to unlock the messages within them, and ultimately – decode the language of plants. Is a plant under attack from pests? Does it need water? Understanding what our plants are saying is exciting for everyone – from those who would like to take better care of their plants, to those interested in the environment, sustainability, the future of food production and open agriculture… the possibilities are far reaching.” Definitely an interesting addition to any home, don’t you agree?

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