PhotoVu rolls out new wireless digital photo frame


PhotoVu has long been a household name where digital photo frames are concerned, so when word of a new 17″ widescreen digital photo frame from the company rolled out, naturally one would be excited at the prospect of having a decent display instead of those puny 7″ photo frames that aren’t too easy on the eyes after a short while. The “culprit” in question this time is the PV1765w, and it is no less than a full featured digital photo frame that comes complete with a 17″ widescreen LCD panel display in a 16:10 widescreen format to provide everyone with an optimum viewing experience for photos taken from today’s high resolution digital cameras. Sounds pretty neat to me, since a tiny digital photo frame doesn’t really show off all the detail and splendor of images snapped with your D-SLR camera, let alone a standard 8-megapixel point-and-shoot camera.

According to Mark Van Buskirk, Partner, PhotoVu, “This is clearly a premium digital picture frame at a very affordable price, making a PhotoVu the perfect gift for the 2007 holiday season. And our new PV1765w still includes all of the industry leading features and customization options that PhotoVu is well known for.” According to the product description, the PhotoVu is pretty much the complete package.

Equipped with a 1280 x 800 LCD display and a fully customizable picture frame and mat, the 17″ Widescreen PhotoVu display is a great way to display and enjoy your photos. Simply insert a USB drive into the digital photo frame’s hidden slot and let the PhotoVu automatically play a slideshow, or utilize built-in software to interface with Apple® iPhoto™, Google™ Picasa™, and RSS Feeds. Organize your photos on your computer or photo sharing web site and have the PhotoVu display the content you specify. It’s that simple!

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