PhotoFast – A new wireless audio solution for your car

I love my iPod, and I especially love my music collection, what I don’t love is trying to listen to my iPod in the car. I hate driving with earbuds and my stupid little portable speaker just doesn’t cut it. But since the introduction of Airplay, Apple’s new streaming technology that allows audio (photos and video) to be streamed from any iOS device to another iOS device, I knew good things were about to happen.

Enter PhotoFast, the newest way to listen to your tunes, the way you want to, in your car. After what appears to be a somewhat labor intensive, although pretty straightforward installation, this cool little black WIFI box will automatically turn on when you start your car and will connect with your WIFI enabled device, streaming your music library through your stereo system. Very nice.

You will have the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind using your iPod. The PhotoFast is designed to transmit high quality sound. Works with iPad, iPod and iPhone.

Surely some car manufacturers will be jumping on the Airplay bandwagon, but until then, PhotoFast is now available in Japan, and look for it sometime soon, in a store near you for around $299.00