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Photochromic Floating Sunglasses offers worry-free summer fun by the pool

photochromic-glassesSummer is here, and for some strange reason if you do not want to head to the beach to get a tan and soak in all the goodness of the sun, perhaps it might be time to reconsider your decision. Once you have gotten hold of the essentials such as sunblock, enough cold booze in the cooler, an amphibious chaise perhaps, as well as a great looking bikini or swimsuit, you’re all set. However, there is one beach or poolside accessory that is missing from the list, and that would be a pair of great looking shades. The $199.95 Photochromic Floating Sunglasses might be the missing piece to complete your summer jigsaw then.

As its name suggests, the Photochromic Floating Sunglasses will be able to float for easy retrieval whenever you are engaged in water activities, so fret not about two Benjamins go floating down the literal drain since it ought not to go missing to the depths of the pool or lake, but rather, will continue bobbing up and down on the surface of the water, thanks to its buoyant frames and temples. Apart from that, the photochromic lenses would end up darker in bright ambient sunlight and lighten in overcast conditions, and not only that, they also happen to be polarized, doing away with glare and improving visual clarity even as you go on a water skiing or sailing adventure.