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Photo Studio in a Box lets you capture professional looking shots

photo-studio-boxEver wonder how some product shots of certain items look so alluring, so much so that you feel the impulse to actually purchase the item right there on the spot? Well, good photography skills certainly play a role in this matter, but one must also remember that there are also tools out there that do help – including a fantastic background, or in the case of a product shot, a plain and white background so that the facets and features of a particular item will be able to stand out all the more. If you have always scratched your head as to how the professionals get the job done, then you can now take a peek into their world with the $129.95 Photo Studio in a Box.

This is considered to be an improvement on the original unit that started it all, letting you snap photos just like a pro thanks to the “CLASSIC” portable studio design, and even better yet is the fact that the Photo Studio in a Box has now gone wireless in order to keep up with the times. In other words, you can now get down and dirty with your photo product shots without having to worry about locating an electrical outlet, since new high-output, battery operated LED lights have been thrown into the mix. It is ideal for traveling whenever there is no electricity is available, and since it uses a trio of AAA batteries which are so common all over the world, you can travel the globe without any worry about not being able to set up a perfect 5500K light temperature ambience for brilliant color and definition. The lights themselves boast of an average 50,000 hours of life, and will not be hot to the touch.