Photo Rubik’s Cube

Photo Rubik's Cube
Anybody looking to start their holiday shopping early, and wants something gimmicky, look no further than the Photo Rubik’s Cube. It’s probably harder to solve, as if it’s even solvable in the first place, but it is a lot cooler, unless you mess it up of course, then you’ve got 6 nasty looking photos.

Yep, you can get 6 embarrassing photos of your friends or family onto the cube, one picture for each side. These squares measure 2 cm each, so if you try to “solve” the cube, the pictures won’t look so pretty anymore. It’s not like you have a chance of actually solving it anyway, everyone knows it’s impossible. Photos you want on the cube are uploaded through the site and may end up being cropped so they can actually fit onto the cube; the minimum quality is 300 dpi, but if you want something half decent, you might want to invest in a better scanner. Of course, a good picture means nothing if they end up cropping half of the peoples heads off so that the picture actually fits onto the cube, but I’m sure that wouldn’t happen.

Each personalized Rubik’s Cube is $30, a tad more expensive than your average one, but it’s no average Rubik’s cube, now is it! Order soon because they take about 2 – 3 weeks to deliver, and with Christmas being only 40 days away and all, you need to get that order in soon. (not really though) Why bother getting this as a gift, get it for yourself and just take pictures of walls, maybe red, white, green, blue. Just a thought.

Product Page [via Uber-Review]

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