Photo Album Story Teller

Usually I write down the history of a photo as I put it in an album.  That way if I forget or someone else seeing the album wants to know, it’s easy for them to glance at it and know.  However, if you’re just not big on writing or would prefer to leave your voice behind instead, this Photo Album Story Teller will let you record the story behind each and every picture.

The great benefit is that you can have your Grandmother tell the story on some old pictures and you’ll get to hear it from her perspective.  With each picture you put on a little sticker and the device scans that sticker.  It will then play the story that goes with it out loud.  The kit comes with 500 stickers, so you do have a limit on the amount of pictures you can do this on.  Just in case the device gets compromised you can back up your recordings on your computer.  You can purchase it for $99.95 through First Street Online.

Source: GeekAlerts