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The PhoneSuit Flex XT Charger– slip into something with a little more battery life


We are always on the go. The only time we calm ourselves is when we’re going to sleep, and even then we’re thinking of all the things we have yet to do, and how we can improve on what we’ve done. Of course, while we’re doing all of this quick-paced thinking, we’re also on our phones looking up information, surfing the web, playing games, and sending messages.

We sleep to recharge our battery, but our phones need power. If you don’t have a backup battery but think you might want one, then the PhoneSuit Flex XT might be a good option for iPhone 5 and iPod users. This is pretty straightforward as a charger, but its design is the major grab. As someone who uses a backup battery, I can tell you that having to use a cable alongside the charger is a pain. Waking up and forgetting one or the other in the mornings can be extremely frustrating.

The Flex XT has a compact design which has the lightning connector built-in under the cap, and has a touch button so you can check on the battery life at a moment’s notice. This will enable you to charge your phone 1.5 times if it’s completely dead. You can use this in tandem with your case as the lightning connector has been extended, so there’s no need to unplug anything just to juice up your phone. Seeing that it’s also not dangling from a cable, you will also still be able to hold it in your hands and carry on with normal business without extra annoyance. This will cost you $69.95, and comes in a metallic blue, red, or silver.

Available for purchase on phonesuit, found via thegeekchurch