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PhoneSoap Go does more than just charge your smartphone

The power bank is perhaps one particular peripheral that many of us do carry around wherever we go, taking into consideration the number of smartphones these days that are high powered and yet tend to require a charging session somewhere in the middle of the day. PhoneSoap Go is a unique approach to the idea of a standard power bank but with a twist: it might prove itself to be the first and only smartphone charger in the market that not only charges up your handset, but it will also be able to clean and sanitize the device simultaneously.

The PhoneSoap Go is actually the portable version of its classic PhoneSoap device, and this new travel-friendly addition will make sure that your smartphone is always ready to be called into action without having to worry about it running out of juice, and neither do you have to crack your head on whether there are germs ready to enter your body and cause an infection. After all, you do not know where your friend’s hands have gone to after lending him your handset for a few minutes, right?

The battery-powered PhoneSoap Go carries enough power to disinfect a smartphone up to 45 times and/or charge it up to four times on a single, full charge. Apart from smartphones, the PhoneSoap Go is also able to sanitize just about anything else that fits inside its sanitation bay. This ranges from a bunch of keys to credit cards or even earbuds. All that you need to do is to pack the PhoneSoap Go in its handy carrying case, throw it into your luggage, and you are good to go.

It utilizes germicidal UV-C lights in order to kill 99.99% of the germs that thrive on the item that you would place within the PhoneSoap Go’s sanitation bay, all sans the use of harmful heat or chemicals. It takes approximately 10 minutes to disinfect an item, and the 7,000mAh’s battery level can be checked via the built-in LED indicators. Expect the PhoneSoap Go to retail for $99.95 apiece.

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