A Phone’s Winter Friends

Winter is coming – or leaving…depending on your location. Spending time in frigid temperatures is not so fun. Less fun is hearing your phone ring while you are quickly walking through the cold. Or trying to listen to your tunes while keeping your noggin warm. hi-Fun, an Italian company, sells fun products geared to make our mobile music and phone lives easier. And we found a couple Winter-appropriate products that prove to do exactly that.

 Welcome to hi-Call, a Bluetooth talking glove. hi-Call comes as a pair of warm gloves with a twist. The thumb of the left glove contains a speaker. The pinkie houses a microphone. Connect hi-Call to any Bluetooth-enabled phone and yep, you are listening and talking through your glove. Simple left wrist controls enable ending or starting of a call. Simply charge the left glove via USB before you go into the cold and chat away! Gloves are available in gray or black for men or women and sell for €49.99 (about $63).

Though not as revolutionary – a logical complement to hi-Call is hi-Hat. Why not keep your head warm while listening to your tunes? hi-Hat contains high performance speakers built right in so you can let the music take you away to a warmer place, at least in your mind. And if you prefer to keep your hi-Call gloves in your pocket, hi-Hat does contain a hands free speaker to make your calls. hi-Hat is currently available in 4 colors and can be yours for €39.99 (about $52).

So as you prepare your mobile life for the cold weather check into hi-Fun’s solutions to keep the tunes and calls coming – despite the temperature.