Phone Reminders on Your Wrist

Anyone paying attention to advancements in the world of using your watch as a helpful, connected device certainly look forward to 2013. Rumors of an Apple watch keep circulating. The long awaited launch of the Pebble was announced at CES. Health and fitness watch features flourished. And something called the Cookoo watch made some headlines. Some of you may look forward to checking texts and emails on a watch. Some can’t go to the gym without a ‘smart watch’. But some of us don’t need THAT much on our wrist. Rather than serving as another device on which to read or interact, I would prefer something that is sort of an extension of my phone features.

Cookoo proves to be a reminder device rather than a total communication device. Cookoo syncs via low energy Bluetooth 4.0 with newer iOS devices: iPhone 4S or 5, iPad Mini, iPad g3 or g4 and iPod touch g5. After loading the Cookoo app onto your gadget your watch will receive notifications from the phone. Your watch will remind you of incoming or missed calls, messages, calendar reminders and clock alarms. If out of range from your device Cookoo will remind you. If you can’t find your phone let your watch do it. When you are away from your phone you miss a beat. You can also use Cookoo to check in on Facebook or read messages, or even to remote trigger your device’s camera. And Cookoo does all this for $129.99. Choose from one of five band colors. And unlike some of the more active smart watches – you will get about a year out of the Cookoo. And if the watch is not what you need, Cookoo offers a $40 keyfob to provide some of the same alerts. Visit their website to learn more or get your reminders on your wrist.