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Phone Manager Plus

Phone Manager Plus
If you want to do a little bit of snooping or monitoring in your house with regards to calls being made or received, the Phone Manager Plus could be for you. The Phone Manager Plus keeps track of all the phone communication that goes on from your line.

I’m sure many people already do this with their caller ID, however caller ID only records incoming calls. The Phone Manager Plus records information from caller ID as well as outgoing call details.

Another thing it records is call duration and time of day. This lets you find out if someone in your house is making long calls while they should be doing something else and can also help explain an over-inflated phone bill at the end of the month ;).

Another thing it has up on regular caller ID is that it records 2,000 calls! This should let you keep track of calls for months at a time. Also if you don’t want to pay your telephone company for caller ID service, you can still monitor outgoing calls from this device with no additional service!

It’s also great because you can plug it into any phone jack, not just one near a phone so you don’t have to reveal your spying ways. It runs on 3 AAA batteries which last for about 3 months.

If you want to start secretly spying on other members of your household the Phone Manager plus could be just the thing. You can get one for $46.74 from Smart Home.