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Let Your Phone Bunjee

Klutzy Alison coming at you. I’m always dropping something. Unfortunately the phone is part of that whole klutziness thing. Yep, it can be expensive. So any device that can prevent the extra (and unnecessary) investment is well worth it. But I still need quick access to take a call or snap a picture.
Some inventive folks in the UK decided that bunjee jumping was a good inspiration for a phone tether. Makes sense. myBunjee® adapts to any phone. Simply slip the harness over your unit and clip the other end to your coat, bag, jeans or anything secure. The extendable coil means the phone can only go so far – yet is still within reach. And myBunjee provides a great extra layer of protection from theft.
What makes myBunjee even more unique is the fact the units can be branded on the back. Imagine your company’s logo on a device attached to all your customer’s phones. Or maybe you need a functional gift for hundreds of employees. Who needs another pen set or squishy toy? Get people something they will use!
myBunjee founders recently appeared on the famous fundraising show Dragon’s Den. Four of the five dragons were interested and funding commitment has been made. So expect to see much more of myBunjee.  Units are available on their site: the classic at £6.95, the beaded version at £9.95 and a lanyard version (non-bunjee) at £7.95. All are available in multiple colors. If you prefer a branded version simply contact them for rates. As phones become our lifeline it makes sense to keep them close…and attached. And it provides a great branding opportunity for businesses out there.

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    I am interested in selling bunjee cords in South Africa. How much will it cost me?
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