Phone Booth for Cell Phones

Cell BoothThere are 2 sorts of places that you don’t want to use your cell phone, crowded but quiet areas (like libraries) and exceedingly noisy areas like nightclubs. Using your cell phone in quiet areas often results in dagger looks (I always seem to sit next to cell phone shouters on trains, very annoying), whilst noisy environments make cell usage almost impossible (ever tried booking a taxi from a nightclub. Salemi Industries have come up with a solution, The Cell Zoneā„¢

The Cell Zone is a completely sound resistant phone booth, minus the phone. It offers a few benefit to both users and the establishments that fit them.

  • Provides consumers with a convenient,
    quiet place to place & receive cell phone calls
  • Stops cell phone users from disturbing
    others in your establishment
  • Discourages patron’s from leaving an
    establishment to make or receive calls
  • Advertising space available for ROI

Full info over at Salemi Industries, found via Crib Candy.