Phone and USB Solar Charger

Phone and USB Solar Charger
If you ever wanted an easy way to charge your mobile phone or any other device which can be charged via USB such as many MP3 players or iPods this gadget could be for you. The Scotty Phone and USB Solar Charger is a small and compact solar panel which you can easily plug your gadgets into to charge them even when you’re miles away from civilization.

The pocket-sized panel efficiently gathers in the sun’s energy and stores it in two rechargeable AA batteries so even if it’s a cloudy day you could still use the power from other days. This also lets you power any device with AA batteries even if they aren’t usually powered by them as you can simply plug in two regular alkaline batteries in place of the rechargeable ones.

Included are cables for charging most kinds of mobile phones so you don’t have to buy any separate attachments. You even get USB charging cables which fit into devices like iPods or many digital cameras.

The panel has a charging LED which lets you know when it is fully charged. Seven hours of sunlight can fully charge the batteries with one hour of sunlight equating to about 10 minutes of talking time or 5 hours of standby time!

If you want an easy and compact way to start getting the most out of sunlight and powering your portable gadgets, the Scotty Phone and USB Solar Charger would be perfect for you! You can get yours for £40.00 from Select Solar.

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