Phlash – The Flash for your Mobile

My last 3 mobile phones have all had an inbuilt camera, with each generation improving on the last. One thing I find most camera phones seem to lack is any sort of flash. Well I was obviously not alone in noticing this limitation, as you can now buy Phlash, the world’s first universal Camera-phone flash.

When I first heard about the Phlash I was wondering how on earth can it be universal and work with every mobile phone, well the answer is pretty simple, double sided sticky tape. You simply stick the phlash to the camera under the lens (so no need for multiple connectors). To use you need to squeeze the phlash at the same time as your camera’s capture button which will result in enough light being evenly distributed from the specially built light emitting array for you closeup snaps.

It’s compatible with with any phone that has space to stick it and even if not you can just hang it from your phone with the attached strp. You can get further info and buy online from the Phlash site.