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The Philips Wake-Up Light – rise with the sun

Philips Wake-up light

No one particularly enjoys getting up in the mornings. We know we have a full day ahead of us, and somehow sleeping just 10 more minutes seems like it will make the day easier to handle. Of course, the worst part is being jolted awake by your alarm tone. Sometimes that dreaded noise can even seep into your dreams and ruin them.

If you’d prefer to be woken up with the sun, but have to wake up before it’s actually light outside, then you might want to find a way to simulate that experience. We’ve seen several different gradual light alarm clocks in the past, but there’s always a new one on the horizon. The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light is a colored light that will turn on 20-40 minutes before your alarm and reach full brightness when it’s time for you to truly be awake. This gentle method of taking you out of sleep is supposed to help you wake up feeling more alert and calm.

That’s a pretty stark contrast to the wretched blaring buzzer of most alarms which will scream at you until you shut them off. This clock has 5 different natural wake up sounds and 20 brightness light settings which will help you to wake up exactly how you want to. If the slow light turning on isn’t enough, and you just can’t live without a few extra minutes of sleep, you can touch anywhere on the light and get in an extra nine minutes of snoozing. Whenever you’re winding down to go to sleep in the evenings, you can also use the light-responsive dimming feature (sunset dimming) which will help you get more restful sleep. This is going to cost you $180 should you be interested, though there are two other versions that are cheaper, but don’t have as many features.

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