Philips Wake-Up Light with Dock for iPod


For those of you that don’t need those extremely loud alarm clocks, it might be nice to wake up in a much more calm manner.  With this Philips Wake-Up Light, you can wake up a little more gradually, instead of getting a very abrupt start to your day.  All the while it can charge and play your iPod or iPhone by utilizing the built-in dock.  It might not be something that would be ideal if you’re sharing the bed with someone though.  Especially since the light does get brighter over a slightly extended period of time.

It takes it a total of 30 minutes to reach the maximum amount on the light.  Which means you set the alarm for one time and it starts preparing you before that alarm ever goes off.  Once it does go off, you can set it to wake you up with nature sounds, the FM radio or with music directly off of your iPod or iPhone.  The light can also be turned on to be used as a bedside lamp.  So although it is a slightly bulky clock, you won’t have a need for a lamp to be on the end table as well.  You can purchase the clock for $199.99 from Amazon.

Source: Newlaunches