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Philips UltraClear 40-inch 4K UHD Display – almost like the Eye of Sauron

philips-ultraclearPhilips has come up with its fair share of monitors in the past, but this does not mean that the company is about to rest on its laurels and do nothing in this particular department from now on. In fact, we are pleased to announce that there is the spanking new Philips UltraClear 40-inch 4K UHD Display (that also goes by the model number BDM4065UC), and as most of us can attest to by its model number alone, this is an expansive monitor which has been specially designed in order to provide you with adequate room in order to spread out and check out whatever details you are looking at in Ultra High Definition detail.

We are talking about a 40” diagonal measurement here, people, which would mean that this monitor is full well capable of delivering vivid imagery to desks as well as rooms alike, enabling the productivity of users to increase as they navigate the many applications at once. It does not matter whether you are handling images or graphics, both of them will come alive courtesy of 4K technology and 3840 x 2160 resolution, which in layman’s terms, would be able to deliver up to four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD. In other words, we are looking at a bigger work surface without suffering from a loss in pixels-per-inch for professionals and designers, as well as rich, superbly-detailed worlds for gamers and movie buffs.

Thanks to the large size of the UltraClear 4K UHD display, productivity users will be able to compare information in an easier manner, while designers can check out detail more clearly and spend less time scrolling in and out for detail as opposed to overview. Engineers too, will be able to make full use of the display which has been optimized for top CAD programs, in order to compare four Full-HD detailed images simultaneously. Graphic designers, photographers and videographers will appreciate the highest resolution for the finest details and brilliant on-screen performance, whereas gamers are not left out as they enjoy get precise details and brilliant picture with ultra-fast response times that show images sans artifacts. This sleek form factor in which it comes in will boast of an ultra-narrow bezel that is more than capable of complementing any modern space. The Philips UltraClear 40-inch 4K UHD Display can be your for a relatively affordable price point of $799.

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