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The Philips SpotOn Motion Sensing LED Light


Most people have a few different areas that are just dark.  Be it a coat closet that lacks a light or an incredibly deep cabinet that stays constantly pitch black, there are just bound to be those areas.  Some are willing to grab a flashlight for those times when lighting is needed.  However, if your hands are usually full when you’re dealing with a particular linen closet, it can be highly inconvenient.  Which is where this Philips SpotOn light would come in extremely handy.

It’s an affordable little light that is hung on the wall itself.  When it senses movement, it just automatically kicks on.  So you won’t have to worry about flipping a switch when your hands are already full.  It’s a small light with a total of 3 energy efficient LED lights.  It shuts back off within 20 seconds if it doesn’t sense any further movement.  To keep it running you’ll need 3 AAA batteries.  You can purchase it for $15.50 from Energy Circle.

Source: BookofJoe