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The Philips Pasta Maker – why buy when you can make it fresh?

Philips Pasta Maker

The problem with having access to really great restaurants is that you develop an expensive palate for fresh food, and spend far more money than you really need to. While making things at home is great, it’s pretty time consuming, and you have to be a wizard at multi-tasking to balance regular life with cooking something more difficult than cereal or boiling water for mac and cheese. If you do occasionally want to be fancy though, it’s better to have some help doing the dirty work.

While making your own pasta sauce is sure to wow guests, going the extra mile would be to make the pasta as well! It seems like an impossible chore, but this Philips Pasta Maker takes most of the work out of it if you can have patience. You can make a pound of fresh pasta in about 15 minutes as the machine will take over mixing and kneading, and will extrude either spaghetti, penne, fettuccine, or lasagna depending on which disk is attached.

This pasta maker has its own storage for the disks which can be cleaned with a one-push tool. You will need a drying rack for your noodles once they’re done, otherwise they’re going to end up a rather interesting shape. This purchase is not for those with a lightweight wallet as you’ll be looking at $279.99, and will need a life that allows you enough time to make noodles often enough for this purchase to be worthwhile.

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