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The Philips NC1 Noise Canceling Headphones help make Mondays manageable

Philips NC1

Some days you wish the world had a volume knob so you didn’t have to listen to people talking on their phones, listening to music way too loud, traffic, and the hum of the fluorescent lights above your head in the office. We can’t always completely tune out of our surroundings, but when we can, we want our escape to encompass enough of our senses that we can relax. Listening to some music is always a great way to unwind, but if you can hear any exterior noise, it will break the illusion somewhat.

To get a truly immersive sound experience, you either need to be in a theater, or have noise canceling headphones. There are a multitude of options, and the Philips NC1 Headphones seems like they might be a decent contender. These are 40-mm driver headphones that will let you sink into a blissful sound-scape whenever you need to. They have a standalone acoustic chamber for sound precision, and in-line controls with a mic for when you need to take a call.

They’re quite convenient for travel since they can fold up and be stowed away when they’re not in use. Additionally, they weigh less than 7 ounces, so you shouldn’t be too encumbered by tossing them in your pack. These are going to cost you around $150, and while you may not escape the world around you completely, you can at least drift off for a little while.

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