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The Philips Multi Chopper Food Processor makes vegetables seem more appealing

Philips Multi Chopper

We know we should be eating more raw fruits and veggies over¬†anything else, but it’s just so dang easy to prepare carb heavy foods with meat. The reason we don’t flock to veggies for meals or snacks is that it’s a lot of busy work to wash, prep, and cut them up. If it could be as easy as pressing a button and didn’t give you more of a headache to use a gadget than it would otherwise, would you start experimenting with produce more often?

Since we like things to be bite-size, this Philip Multi Chopper Food Processor will quickly become a household favorite. Not only is it going to chop up your food quickly and effectively, but it’s compact and only has a few pieces to clean. Due to being on the smaller side it can’t take on huge jobs all at once, so it will be more tedious in that regard, but it’s quick and effective, so it seems as though it will cut down on prep time overall.

To use this device, you put your food of choice into the basket, press down and watch the magic happen. The food will be pressed down onto the edgy basket, cutting it down to size, and from there blades will chop up the pieces even further. This isn’t a purchase you’re going to want to make unless you are serious about cooking at $125, but seeing that it can chop everything from eggs to almonds with ease, it seems like a must for foodies who like to keep things simple.

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