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Philips Brilliance LCD Monitor is a portable wonder

philips-brilliancePhilips might not be at the forefront of computing technology, but this does not mean that they are far from being left behind, either. In fact, the all new Philips Brilliance LED-backlit LCD monitor (also going by the rather obscure model number of 231P4QUPEB) has been revealed today, where this innovative notebook docking display would enable one to expand one’s viewing workspace, all the while ensuring that peripherals would remain connected and being able to access the Internet. It might sound like a whole lot of stuff to do, but all of those are catered for by a solitary SuperSpeed USB cable. In other words, this is a monitor that has been specially designed to target those who work while they are constantly on the move, and yet require a monitor which can be plugged to reveal a bigger screen as and when required.

While road warriors will definitely find this to be a suitable addition to any of their arsenal, it is best used alongside the most recent Ultra book-type devices that tend to have limited connectors, as this display boasts of a built-in USB 3.0 hub, Ethernet, and stereo speakers which will enable one to transmit video, audio, and connect to the Internet or Intranet directly, all via a single cable USB connection. This would also mean one more thing – it does away with the need to work around cumbersome resolution adjustments or messy cables.

The asking price for the brand new Philips Brilliance LED-backlit LCD monitor would be $349.99 a pop, allowing it to function as the ultimate “home-base” solution for business travelers who tend to work away from their desk, all the while ensuring that you are able to access your collection of peripherals while enjoying the benefits of a full-sized keyboard and mouse, thanks to a single USB cable in order to improve productivity. With its SmartErgoBase, you can also enjoy height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle adjustments to position the monitor for maximum comfort so that the physical strains of a long workday are eased, whereas cable management reduces cable clutter so that you come across looking neat and professional.

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