Philips Brilliance 49’’ SuperWide Curved LCD Display

Now here is a monitor that movie buffs as well as gaming enthusiasts alike would love to own: the Philips Brilliance 49″ SuperWide Curved LCD Display. This is a unique display, where it happens to be larger than most flat screen TVs that you would find in cramped apartments and small homes. Offering visual brilliance that is spread across its Dual Quad HD 5120 x 1440 resolution screens, you will also benefit from an innovative webcam that is accompanied by advanced sensors for Windows Hello facial recognition.

Windows Hello is a facial recognition technology that offers a convenient yet secure method of logging into any Windows device without taking up too much time: less than a couple of seconds in fact, making it three times faster than using a password. With this, users are able to log in way faster and more securely through facial recognition biometric security. The secure webcam will pop up whenever you need it, and it will tuck back securely into the monitor when not in use. Sounds like one of those cool selfie cameras that have been motorized in modern day smartphones. This is a unique smart upgrade that makes sure your privacy is not invaded when not required.

With the Philips Brilliance 49″ SuperWide Curved LCD Display, your eyeballs will experience the ultimate in picture quality, screen format and user functionality. It will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your home as this display has also picked up an iF Design Award and a 2018 Red Dot award last year. Offering 49″ of viewing goodness, this display functions like a couple of full-size high-performance monitors in a single setup, delivering a massive wide view without having to work around a complicated rig.

Features include LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free technology for better comfort across long hours of usage. The all-new Philips Brilliance 49″ SuperWide Curved LCD Display will be available later this March with an asking price of $1,299 apiece.

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