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Phiaton PS 202 NC earphones offer peace and quiet for those seeking it

phiatonA pair of earphones or headphones can be a very personal thing – after all, some of us prefer the sports type which will remain in place no matter the kind of vigorous activity which we are involved in, while others are more than happy with a premium pair that while they are not waterproof, let alone sweatproof, they will be able to exude a quality of audio unlike any other your ears have been treated to before. Having said that, there is a myriad of earphones out there to choose from, and it can get rather tricky trying to hunt down the perfect one. With the Phiaton PS 202 NC earphones, this particular set has been specially designed to target the avid traveler, business commuter or just about anyone else who is seeking for a wee bit of peace and quiet.

What does the PS 202 NC earphones come with that makes it desirable for folks who would like to have a little bit of solitude? Well, it will feature a sleek, brushed metal design that comes along with a wide-range of features, where among them include the newly developed 14.3 mm drivers, active noise-cancellation of up to 95% of ambient background noise, and an inline mic and remote. Being able to block out 95% of ambient background noise is certainly something, so this is one pair of earphones that we would advise you against getting if you’re thinking of going jogging with this, as that might prove dangerous or even fatal for you since you would be unable to hear what kind of vehicle is right behind you.

The newly developed 14.3mm drivers will also boast of an optimized vibration system that adds extra emphasis on high frequency clarity and rich commanding bass, while the half in-ear design is more than capable of providing hours of comfortable listening time. With Everplay-X, you can even continue to listen even if the battery runs out, now how about that? The PS 202 NC earphones will come with an asking price of $109 a pop.

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