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Phiaton BT 150 NC wireless headphones look absolutely space age

Phiaton-150-bt-ncWhen it comes to wearing a pair of headphones, many of us these days have already decided to settle for wireless models. After all, doing so would mean having far less worries, especially when it comes to a tangled mess, and it also provides a greater degree of freedom. Phiaton Corporation is a name that many have looked to when it comes to high-performance personal audio products, including wireless headphones or neckbands. This time around, the Phiaton BT 150 NC is being rolled out, where it boasts of Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, powerful 12mm dynamic drivers and a lightweight design, targeting professionals who are always on the move with an asking price of $149 a pop.

Being lightweight in nature, this pair of neckband earphones will boast of an interactive surface on the sides of the neckband, delivering convenient call and music control with but a simple tap or swipe of a finger in order to fast forward, rewind, play, pause and adjust the current volume level. When you are traveling long haul on a train or plane, the BT 150 NC has the ability to cancel ambient noise by up to 95%, and the Memory Flex neckband delivers a comfortable fit with a sleek, no-slip design.

Offering up to half a dozen hours of music playback time as well as call time with the noise cancelling feature turned on, it is able to last up to 10 hours with that particular feature turned off. Not only that, it comes with a Power Saving Sensor which will automatically power off the active noise cancelling whenever the earbuds are retracted, and this smart feature will help to extend battery life. With Everplay-X, you can continue to enjoy your music even when there is no more battery life or the particular device is not Bluetooth compatible. IPX4 sweat and water-resistant rating rounds off the list of the earphones’ versatility.

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