Phantom Keyless Home Entry

Considering that there is an App for just about everything now, I am not surprised that there is mobile software to replace one’s keys.
Phantom Smart Home’s new Keyless Home Entry system recently announced a new lock system that allows the user to unlock their door with a smartphone application. It uses Bluetooth technology, and users have to set up the lock to recognize their mobile phones before they leave.
In case of lost phone, it only takes a simple re-pair. That is, you will have to pair it again with your new phone. It is a hassle, but at least you won’t have to replace your locks. You can also use a regular key if you’re still into that old-school, non-digital thinking.
My Source says that this Application could come in handy in case you are in a situation where you are carrying two bags of groceries, and I have to agree. The Keyless Home Entry can somehow “sense” the presence of your phone, provided you have Bluetooth.
Yes, it works, it is available now for about $249.99. Yes, that is a little expensive, but consider it an investment in your future. After all, it would appear that the smartphone is going to replace many of the things in our wallets like credit cards and photos. Why not allow it to take the place of our keys as well?

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