PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat

Golf widows, the next time your husband feels the itch to head for the green after forgetting his promise of bringing you out that day for some time together, it is time you put your high heels down. Make sure he has at least £28.99 left on his credit card so that he is able to “buy” this for himself – with you making the purchase, of course. We’re talking about the PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat to make sure he gets his putting fix in the comfort of his home – only after he brings you out as promised for your couple’s day. Let him know he can get all the exercise from carrying your shopping bags and scouring through all 5 levels of the mall with you to look for that perfect pair of shoes.
The PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat comes with nearly 2 meters of green, letting anyone who uses it enjoy plenty of room in order to practice your long and short shorts. The ramp that leads to the hole will be ideal for developing your stroke firmness, and throw in a couple of hazards if you feel like you’re up for a challenge. There is a miniature target flag and simulated grass to make it as real an experience as possible, including a bunker and water hazard.