Peugeot, any way you pronounce it, you’ll be close!

Yes, Peugeot’s yearly design contest for aspiring transportation designers is upon us.Puegeot Flux Mihai Panaitescu, Italie

The top thirty are there for us to revel in, in all their glory. Here are the top 10, and here are the 20 behind them.

This year’s well caffeinated young designers will have spent this semester (and possibly longer) sketching their brains out to Peugeot’s theme of PLEASE Innovate, with the word PLEASE forming a clever acronym of: Pleasurable (to drive), Lively, Efficient, Accessible, Simple, and Ecological.

Apparently this meant to the students, crazy shapes that have nothing to do with going fast, and inserting imagined eecological nuace. Arrgh!

However I was able to select two myself that I thought looked finished, polished, and feasible (within the next 8 years while still being exciting to drive. One of my first criteria was, convertible, less material, wind in the hair type excitement. There were a few covertables, however, the Flux I’ve shown above was my favorite. It looked like it could have a wholly different powerplant type with the high rear. Of course, like all exotic styling excersizes it couldn’t avoid ridiculously oversized wheels with tires the thickness of rubber bands (we know, they look cool). Anyhow, I thought this looked the most plausible, practical, and pleasureable by far.

The others are fun though, take a look!

Thanks Jalopnik, your ‘gring videos and hoonage will always guarantee our many returns!

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