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Petrics comes up with first smart pet bed in the world

petricsYour furry kid is treated as one of the family for some time now, and as we approach the holiday season, you have figured out gifts for just about everyone but the family pet. Why not make sure that it has a far better sleeping condition before we roll into 2018 by checking out what Petrics has in store? Touted to be the very first smart ped bed in the world, Petric’s Indiegogo campaign for this unique offering will kick off on November 30 for a pre-order. This smart ped bed intends to help pet owners prolong their pets’ lives, which would automatically make it well worth the investment.

This smart ped bed will be accompanied by a companion collar activity tracker, where it will keep track of your pet’s weight, rest periods as well as activity levels. Not only that, the smart pet bed will also come with thermostatic climate control so that your pets sleeping in it will always experience an optimal level of comfort and safety regardless of what the mercury points to outside. The Petrics’ pet health ecosystem can be controlled using the Petrics mobile app, where it plays nice with current smart home technology.

Expect Petrics to officially unveil its smart pet bed at CES 2018, having already picked up a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in both the Smart Home and Tech for a Better World product categories. With the Petrics mobile app, it will help to communicate the entire pet health ecosystem, so that pet parents can always monitor and track pets’ health and nutrition data, obtain food and diet recommendations as well as share findings with other family members, pet sitters, and veterinarians. Receiving such critical feedback in real-time will always help pet parents to see if there are any health issues to tackle in the bud before they end up being more serious and potentially costly.

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