Petcare Robot: Play with your pet from a distance

petcare-robotThe first time I saw this picture, I thought someone took an alien head and mounted it on the body of a UFO. In reality, this is the PetCare robot, a mobile webcam that allows you to monitor your pet from a distance.

I know when I leave my dog alone for a while, I would feel better if he was occupied by playing with this toy rather than chewing up my garbage. This is assuming that I have nothing better to do on my vacation than operate this toy on the Internet.

Not only is this camera/toy mobile by remote control through the Internet, but the ball that it bears is also remote control as well. In fact, the ball can be charged in the mobile camera itself. I’m not certain how the robot can be charged, or if it can be charged from a distance.

This device is fitted with infrared lenses so that you can see your pet in the dark. The lenses also have covers so your pet’s drool won’t damage the electric peepers. The only question I have is: what happens when your pet tips it over?

Well, the PetCare robot is only a concept for now, but personally, it really is a step in the right direction for pet care from a distance.


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