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Pet Treat Launcher saves you the hassle

pet-snack-treat-launcherIf you have ever owned a dog who simply loves to play fetch, chances are your four legged friend would have plenty of energy left over after a session of fetch, while you feel as though your arm is no longer attached to your body. We have seen devices in the past that do happen to assist you in the game of fetch like the HyperDog Tennis Ball Launcher, and here we are with something that is slightly different, although no less amusing. I am referring to the $9.99 Pet Treat Launcher.

Working for one’s food is a basic principle, although dogs do not mind fetching without any reward. Still, to be able to get a treat at the end of a launch is always a positive incentive, and the Pet Treat Launcher would let you put a smile on your face – and that of your furry kid’s, too. All that you need to do is to load the Pet Treat Launcher with your pet’s favorite treats, pull the switch, press the button, and voila! In order to obtain the best air and trajectory, it is recommended that treats which are small and cylindrical in shape will be used.