Pet Spa – wash and blow dry

Pet Spa washes and dries your pet

I’m not sure if my old cat would have taken kindly to this one. It’s called a Pet Spa, and you just pop your beloved pet inside and it cleans, de-fleas and then blow dries in a cycle that lasts 25 to 30 minutes.

There’s quite a lot of technology to this gizmo though. Doses of chemicals and shampoos are regulated, and the temperature of the water and air dryer is carefully monitored. Any more than 3 degrees and the cycle is stopped to avoid distressing or harming your pet.

There’s just one slight problem I can see. My cat would have gone ballistic if I tried rinse and blow dry her in one of these. She was a British Blue Cream, and they’re quite famous for being neurotic and hysterical. Maybe I could have got her in the box once, but never again without shooting her with a tranquiliser gun first.

I think any dog would love a spell in this though; they’re smarter or dumber, depending on your perspective – but for cats I think you can forget it in my opinion!

The Pet Spa is available from Pet Gadgets (but I couldn’t find a price).

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